Letter From GCE

by EmceeC

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I am raising money for kids who have to do a lot more for a lot less. By clicking the "Buy Now" button you can download this song for FREE or name any price for the song if you'd like to make a donation to the cause!

During our Spring Break 19 of us will be going to the Dominican Republic to help out some kids who aren't in the best circumstances. Kids who live and work in the streets, aren't going to school, and are really facing harsh conditions. My goal is to reach out to these kids, teach them important ideas, and give them the hope they need to set and achieve their goals.

A little bit to us may mean so much more to them. If you could donate any amount of money it'd go a long away. And if nothing else just SHARE! Just showing you care is more than enough donation! Thanks!

GCE is a non-profit organization that helps disadvantaged children in Santiago, Dominican Republic. Our vision supports that no child should have to live in conditions where his/her life is endangered and without hope for the future. We believe in having a responsibility to become aware of our ability to make the world a better place for all.



Yes we CAN we run these streets
People turn cheeks
Some whistle some beep
Call me cheap cuz ill take ya change
A couple pennies go a mighty long way
You could change a life
Before the lights change
Cuz when it's green lights
it's Get the BEEP out my way

I chose the high way
The if I were to die today
Id look down from the sky and say
I worked hard to help things be a little more okay

This is my philanthropy, my time is money

My excuse used to be no time or money
Til it became news to me Just sacrifice sleep
And so if you usually wake up to caffeine
For a day try and live like me without coffee
And ask "What would it cost me?"
Donate the money for our cause instead it'd help us largely
Venti, skip the mocha kids with stomachs empty
Hold up
I wish we all could have the dough like Oprah
Help us buy supplies for posters
Instead of coppin' Testerossas
Raise awareness
Raise the roof if you hear this
For those who care and those who care less
We say ...
We don't got time or money..
Ill trade spare time for spare change.
But if you care you make ya time you get that money..
Prepare your mind for the name

You ready?

We're GCE
Global community engaged
i know in life we stuck in our routine if you ever had a dream
I see you workin harder than a slave
Just so you could see it be achieved
Then you know what I mean

You know how much that little bit helps
Start to think a little less wealth
Got one hell of a team
We All think a little less self
Cuz the kids is where the hope is

Hope This Finds You Well,

MCC: Malcolm Christopher Cardona-Spence
GCE: Global Community Engagement
FIU: Florida International University
CC: All Your Friends
TY: Thank You


released 27 October 2014



all rights reserved


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EmceeC Hollywood, Florida

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